Chennai-Southampton String Workshop, March 28-30/2022

The 2022 Chennai Southampton String Workshop on Holography, Gauge Theories and Black Holes which will be held during March 28-30 and is being jointly organized by STAG Research Center, University of Southampton and the Center for Strings, Gravitation and Cosmology, IIT Madras. The conference will feature 18 talks (45+15 mins) on diverse topics of current interest from researchers at various stages in their careers. Additionally there will be a Chandrasekhar colloquium by Prof Jerome Gauntlett on March 31.
The conference will be in a hybrid format. The participation from the Indian side will be mostly online. Please register by March 13 on the Conference Website if you would like to participate. 

Eurostrings 2022, April 25-29, Lyon

The conference Eurostrings 2022 will take place at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Lyon, from April 25 to April 29, 2022. It is part of a cycle of yearly conferences gathering researchers from all over Europe and elsewhere, working in the areas of quantum field theory, string theory, quantum gravity and related topics.  Registration is now open, with a reduced fee available till March 18.

First meeting of the International Society for Quantum Gravity, Oct 5-7, 2021

The purpose of this meeting is to engage in a scientific dialogue about different approaches to quantum gravity and their interconnections. The focus is on “status reports” on several approaches and overarching topics in quantum gravity. For more details about the programme and if you would like to participate, please register here:

SFT@Cloud 2021, Sep 20-24

The conference SFT@Cloud 2021 will take place online on Sep 20-24. This is an annual meeting for researchers working in string field theory, worldsheet formalism, and related areas in physics and mathematics. For the list of speakers and registration, please see the conference website.