IRN:QFS is an International Research Network, running under the auspices of CNRS (French national research agency). It gathers about 200 scientists from more than 115 research institutes throughout the world, working in the broad area of Quantum Field Theory and String Theory.

The aim of this network is on the one hand to unify the French community working in high energy theoretical physics and formalize its scientific links with major research institutions in Europe and worldwide, and secondly to organize and coordinate international conferences, workshops and training events in this area, disseminate relevant information and foster new collaborations and exchanges across the network.

By joining the network, partners express their interest in participating in some of the activities of the consortium. Beyond this minimal requirement, a few partners have entered an official agreement with CNRS, pledging some financial resources for allowing their members to attend network events, or for exchange programs.

The network was created on Jan 1st, 2020, for an initial period of 5 years. After a slow start due to the pandemic, the network will be reaching full speed in 2022, with a major Eurostrings conference in Lyon and a first call for short scientific visits, to be announced soon.