SFT@Cloud 2021, Sep 20-24

The conference SFT@Cloud 2021 will take place online on Sep 20-24. This is an annual meeting for researchers working in string field theory, worldsheet formalism, and related areas in physics and mathematics. For the list of speakers and registration, please see the conference website.

Strings in Seoul 2021, Aug 30-Sep 3, Zoom@KIAS

This one-line meeting will focus on current topics loosely related to the
compactification of string theories/M-theory and will feature
15 speakers, early mornings and late afternoons in Seoul time. We plan to distribute the ZOOM link for the virtual meeting room to those who register at the workshop homepage, please help us by visiting it and registering.

Virtual Claude Itzykson Conference, June 2-4, 2021

 The 25th edition of the Claude Itzykson Conference will take place online on June 2-4, 2021. The topic of this year edition will be “Many-Body Chaos, Scrambling and Thermalization in Interacting Quantum Systems“. Recent years have seen a growth of interest around these subjects, with contributions coming from condensed matter and statistical physics,high-energy theory and mathematical physics. The aim of this workshop is to review the latest theoretical developments and foster an exchange of ideas between these different communities. If you wish to attend, please register before May 24th.

Online Conference: The dual mysteries of gauge theories and gravity, Oct 19-23, 2020

The conference in honor Prof David Gross will be held online from IIT Madras. The talks will encompass the following broad themes: Matrices and quantum spacetime, Quantum black holes, Fundamental aspects of holography with focus on the entanglement wedge, Applied holography, Swampland debates, and Nonperturbative methods in QFT including low dimensional systems and scattering amplitudes. A panel discussion on fundamental physics and society will take place on Oct 24. Please register at this link before Sep 20 in order to participate in the Zoom sessions.